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Poppy Seed & French Clay Soap

Poppy Seed & French Clay Soap

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If you’re looking for a soap that will hydrate and exfoliate your skin, then look no further than our poppy seed & French clay bar.

Our French Clay Soap is the perfect soap for your face and body. It’s made with nutrient-rich ingredients that hydrate your skin, so you can exfoliate and feel refreshed. This bar is best suited for normal to oily skin, but it also works well as a face and body soap for most skin types.

This Nourishing Beauty Bar is made with a variety of ingredients, including clay, and poppy seeds. The flavor of these small, crunchy, nut-like seeds is a mix of sweet and savory, and they are commonly used in desserts, savory dishes, and even salads. The seeds are most commonly used in recipes for poppy seed rolls, but they can also be used to flavor cookies, pancakes, and bread.


  • Essential oils are good for these skin types.
  • This soap is scented with oregano, geranium,
  • This soap is especially suited to sensitive or dry skin


  • Item form: Bar
  • Size: 4 oz to 4.5
  • Skin Type: Sensitive

Each soap is wrapped in a small  paper  box  with ingredients and scent name to reduce plastic waste.

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