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Oak Moss Soap | Handmade Soap | Men Soap

Oak Moss Soap | Handmade Soap | Men Soap


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Oak moss is derived from oak lichen and is a base note aroma that has a deep earthy scent

Oak moss is used in many colognes and perfumes Sexy Fragrance, Handmade Soap, Gift for Him

The perfect man soap.

Our Natural Soap Bar acts as an ultra-nourishing moisturizer that helps increase skin hydration, making it smooth, supple, and healthy. This soap is plant-based with a blend of all-natural goodness that creates a creamy lather but rinses off clean without making it dry.

Distilled Water,  Organic Olive Oil , Organic Coconut Oil , Organic Sustainable Palm Oil
Sodium Hydroxide, Sweet Almond Oil , Fragrance, Castor Oil , Organic Shea Butter, mica fragrance.

Approximate weight: 4.5 oz

Each soap is wrapped in a small  paper  box  with ingredients and scent name to reduce plastic waste.

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